Golden Buckeye Program

The Golden Buckeye Program is open to all Ohio residents age 60 or older and to adult residents age 18-59 if they have a disability as defined by Social Security.  Eligible cardholders may benefit from discounts at merchants, and from the Prescription Drug Savings Program, by using their Golden Buckeye Card.  Visit or call 866-301-6446 for complete information about the Golden Buckeye Program.

How to Obtain Your Golden Buckeye Card

New Golden Buckeye Cards are automatically mailed to eligible individuals age 60 and older who have a current Ohio driver license or state I.D. card during the month of their 60th birthday.

Adults age 60 and older who do not automatically receive their cards may apply at most senior centers and public libraries.  To apply, bring proof of age: a current Ohio driver license or state I.D. card, birth certificate, or any other legal document that indicates date of birth.

Adults age 18-59 with a permanent and total disability (as defined by social security) should bring proof of age as well as proof of disability:  Medicare card, SSDI or SSI acceptance letter or documentation, a copy of any document certifying permanent and total disability issued by any Federal or Ohio public employee retirement system.

If you are a current Ohio resident and have a valid driver license or state I.D. card, you may call toll-free 1-866-301-6446 to request a Golden Buckeye Card.